About Us

Musical Star LLC. Story: Started in 2009 by Jason Birkett and Scott Broomfield – We developed an application targeted for the music industry. It was developed as a phone APP to work with Facebook. The Facebook user would go on the Artist page a click on the APP and the user would select pre-recorded audio recordings of the artist saying “Hello DAVID this is Akon and your friend JOHN wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY and wanted you to hear my new single Beautiful (then song would play for 10 seconds or length of the hook).

2010 – Partnered with Multi Platinum selling artist Akon. With him we recorded over 17,000 names and over 300 occasions in a 3 day period in his studio in Atlanta. The first week the APP didn’t sell well as users didn’t want to get their credit cards out to spend $1.00. So we made it for free and over 500,000 Facebook users downloaded the APP in less than a week. We went on to record other artist’s as well.

2011 – Created a premier music entertainment agency dedicated in booking platinum selling artists.

2012 - Began managing newly discovered up coming artists like the controversial artist B Howard; the son of Michael Jackson.

2014 – Created Musical Star’s beat factory, where we created the musical background for songs. We work with numerous producers from all over the globe to provide the musical content. We are different in that we don’t work with the artist one on one. The tradional way a song is made is an artists works with the actual producer who created the musical beat and then they work together to try to make a hit record. Are approach is different in that we just have hundreds of beats for an artist or reseller to chose from and they self produce or find there own producer to finish the song. We created a wide range of beats from Pop to rock.

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